Automations with Ready-to-Go FUB Action Plans

We will be sharing more automations and action plans over time that are working for us.

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Event Automations

Command Codes

Use these Leadngage codes in blue directly in Follow Up Boss notes to complete the message actions noted.

You do NOT need to use the codes when using the Embedded App/Widget in the Follow Up Boss sidebar or if using the Lead Connector App.

FUB App: Message Codes

Use the codes below when sending replies in the FUB App. Create a note and start it will one of the following codes based on the channel the lead messaged you from and it will convert to a message.

  • FB : Facebook instant response

  • IG : Instagram instant response

  • GMB : Google Message instant response

  • SMS : Instant SMS

Action Plan Codes

  • [now] : 5 min Delay for SMS 9am-7:30pm

  • [SMS] : 5 min delay, sends during 9am-7:30pm

  • [FB] : Sends during 9am-7:30pm

  • [IG] : Sends during 9am-7:30pm

  • [GMB] : Sends during 9am-7:30pm

*Saturday and Sunday action plan/delayed messages will send between 11:30 am-5 pm of your time zone, if it falls after that window then it will send the next day.

Time Delays for Instant & Action Plan SMS

Commands for Instant SMS & Action Plan SMS

  • [15min] : 15 minute delay for SMS

  • [1hr] : 1 hr delay for SMS

  • [2hr] : 2 hour delay for SMS

  • If delay falls outside of business hours, the text will send the next business day at 9 am.

  • Perfect for the first marketing SMS in an Action Plan, set a delay to make it more realistic.

Advanced Time Commands for Action Plans

  • Add one of the following commands to your SMS Action Plans in place of the [SMS] command.

  • [11am]

  • [1pm]

  • [3pm]

  • [5pm]

  • [7pm]

  • Add a note with [delete] to stop a delayed message that has not yet sent or use the FUB Leadngage Embedded App "Delete sms in queque" drop down option in the sidebar.

STOP Commands for SMS

  • [delete] : Stops a delayed message that has not been sent OR use the FUB Leadngage Embedded App delete drop down option in the sidebar "delete SMS in queue".

    • Use case: 1) It's 10 am and you've talked to a lead but there is an 11 am message from an action plan set to send that you need to delete. 2) You set a 30 day delayed text but talk to them prior to that date and need to delete that text.

  • [DND] : Stops ALL future SMS messages from sending through the back end. If sent, your texts will still show in FUB & count towards your message credits, but will not process in the back end.

    • Use case: 1) Lead opts out of texts (pair with our OPT OUT Automation), stay compliant and use the [DND] command to prevent future marketing texts from reaching the lead. 2) You don't want lead to receive marketing texts from your Leadngage number (create automations to apply [DND] for certain new stages or tags)

Text for Info

Additional Leadngage FAQs & Tips

  • Emojis allowed: copy from other places to the note or FUB Embedded App. Action Plan builder has option for emojis in notes.

  • Merge Fields only work in Action Plan notes, merge fields do NOT work in manual notes or the Embedded App within Follow Up Boss.

  • Facebook & Instagram will only allow messages to be sent through our system if the user recently messaged you. Currently works for about 14 days if lead has responded.

  • ACTION PLANS: FUB adds automated action plan notes at 5 AM, replies and scheduled messages will convert to texts and sent at 9 AM unless you choose [now] in the action plan, we suggest this only for the first SMS when action plan is assigned otherwise the text will go out at 5 AM. **Note: You can set your timezone within Leadngage.

  • You will not be notified of pictures received in Follow Up Boss though any of the message options (message will show blank in FUB if no words sent), but you can send and receive pictures in the Leadngage Conversations Inbox or Lead Connector App.

  • OPT OUT Language: When your first SMS to a lead is sent through an action plan, it must contain opt out language. If you do not include the word "stop" then we will add the phrase "If you'd rather not be texted, reply stop anytime."

Use Artificial Intelligence to Write Your Action Plan

Since we're talking a lot about #ChatGPT a lot, I thought I'd share an idea with any of you that may struggle with creating email or text templates for your Action Plans.

STEP #1 - Login to ChatGPT (Yes, it's FREE) or another AI bot

STEP #2 - Use the prompt, "Create an email template using conversational language that might compel a potential homeowner to consider selling their home. Include the following subject line: [INSERT ONE OF THE PROMPTS BELOW]

Want to know the secret to getting top dollar for your home?

Is your home equity working as hard as you are?

Have you considered the potential value of selling your home?Why wait?

Let's explore the opportunities in today's market.

What's holding you back from a profitable sale?

Are you aware of the current trends in your local real estate market?

Discover the hidden profits in your property with a home sale.

Would you like to know how to sell your home for maximum value?

Ready to upgrade your lifestyle?

Let's talk about selling your home.

What's your exit strategy for your property investment?

STEP #3 - Repeat the process above and instead of saying email, say TEXTING TEMPLATE**** Do this for each prompt and see what you come up with. COPY/PASTE the results into your Action Plan builder.

TCPA: Keep Your Texts Compliant

TCPA Checklist

  • Don't text or call anyone on the National DNC Registry.

  • Don't text or call a contact before 8 am or after 9 pm, local time.

  • Conversational messages require implied consent.

  • Information messages require express consent.

  • Sales, promotional, offer messages require express written consent.

  • Provide contacts with an "opt-out" like "STOP".

  • Maintain a "Do Not Contact" list for all of your business contacts.

  • Disconnect an unanswered telemarketing call prior to at least 15 seconds or four (4) rings

Things to avoid.

  • Do not text or call contacts from purchased lists of phone numbers contacts who haven't opted in.

How Leadngage Assists with TCPA

  • Opt Out: The first automated text sent using Leadngage must contain proper opt out language by adding the word stop to the first action plan message sent to a contact. If this is not added on the first delayed message, then our system will add the phrase “If you’d rather not be texted, just reply stop.” automatically.

  • Quiet Hours: Action Plan and Delayed Texts will wait to send until they’re in the 9 am - 8 pm time frame of your time zone. We have tightened up the legal quiet hours by an additional hour out of an abundance of caution and some leads may be from a bordering time zone.

  • Number Validation: The first time any number is texted through Leadngage the number is verified with Twilio for a $0.005 fee on your Twilio account. If it's a non-textable number (landline, does not exist, etc) then texts will not be sent saving you SMS costs.

More TCPA Resources

Disclaimer: Please note that this is for informational purposes only. It’s not meant to substitute for advice from qualified legal counsel. Please seek counsel prior to calling or texting your contacts. Generally, it's suggested that you always have express written consent to contact any leads. The guidelines are found here 47 CFR § 64.1200.

Mobile App (Optional)

The Lead Connector mobile app connects to your backend system of Leadngage (your Salesngage login).

NOTE: Messages sent by you in the Lead Connector App will not be recorded in Follow Up Boss and the "Leadngage Engaged" tag will not be removed to take open conversations out of your FUB Smart List.

The app can be used to call leads from your Leadngage Twilio number.

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